Kansas City Meditation Group of Self-Realization Fellowship

Monastic Visit

KCMG SRF Monastic Visit October 21-23: Love, Service, Courage, Faith

Dear Friends,

We are pleased to confirm the schedule for the upcoming Self-Realization Fellowship Center Department Monastic Visit on October 21, 22 and 23. Among other events, Brother Nikhilananda and Br. Bhaskarananda will be presiding over meditations and satsanga, and also giving an inspirational talk, all in the theme of: “Love, Service, Courage, Faith.” Please feel free to invite friends and newcomers to the services and activities on Sunday.

Questions for Saturday’s Satsanga may be submitted in writing in the box in the chapel’s foyer by October 2nd. Any group related topics or personal spiritual questions are fine.

There is no charge for attending all or any part of the weekend’s events, but KCMG would appreciate any help you could give us in defraying the costs of bringing in the monastics, and providing accommodations, transportation, and other services for them. If you can be of assistance, you may donate online at this link:

Or you can mail your check (marked “Monastic Visit”) directly to Kansas City Meditation Group (address below), or drop it (tagged for “Monastic Visit”) in the offertory basket when you are at the chapel.  Please know that whatever you can do will be much appreciated.*

We look forward to sharing this weekend of special inspiration with you. Jai Guru!

In Divine Friendship,

Kansas City Meditation Group, 10819 Wornall Road, Kansas City, MO 64114


* Donations received that are marked “Monastic Visit” will be used as outlined above.  Funds received beyond what is needed to cover the expenses of the monastic visit will be donated to Self-Realization Fellowship.