Kansas City Meditation Group of Self-Realization Fellowship

Paramahansa Yogananda in Kansas City

Swami Yogananda’s Lecture Schedule – January 1932

at Athenaeum Auditorium, 900 E. Linwood, K.C., MO
First Series: 8 Soul-Stirring Free Lectures

Sunday January 10, 1932 Everlasting Youth
Monday January 11, 1932 How to Get What You Need (New Law of Success)
Tuesday January 12, 1932 Developing Dynamic Power of Will for Lasting Success
Wednesday January 13, 1932 Greatest Science of Healing
Thursday  January 14, 1932 Law of Attracting Abundance and Health Consciously
Friday January 15, 1932 Highest Technique of Meditation
Saturday January 16, 1932 Spiritual Marriage (How to scientifically attract your ideal life companion)
Sunday January 17, 1932 Highest Science of Superconcentration and All Round Success–Yogoda

Kansas City Demands! 5 More Free Lectures

Wednesday January 27,
How to
Develop Personal Magnetism
Thursday January 28,
Dynamics of Divine Love and Real Human
Friday January 29,
Art of
Attracting Prosperity According to Superconscious
Saturday January 30,
How to Analyze
People at Sight (Using the Mental
Sunday January 31,
and Art of Concentration for Real


Lecture Advertisements

The following are advertisements for the lectures as they were placed in the Kansas City Star and the Kansas City Times. The ads are located in the section for motion pictures which seems fitting in light of Yoganandaji’s view of life being a picture show projected by the beam of God. These images are taken from microfilm, so the quality varies. Click on images for a higher resolution closeup.